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Depending on the activity of the sympathetic department, antipsychotics, cholinomimetic drugs, and ganglionic blockers are prescribed. In the presence of ganglioneuroma, treatment is carried out surgically, the prognosis is favorable. Herpes nature of the disease.

Young children can get chickenpox after contact with a sick person. Adults, communicating with the patient, become infected with chickenpox or herpetic ganglioneuritis very rarely. characteristics of herpetic viruses.
Once in the human body, this virus can be latent (hidden) in it throughout life. Reactivation occurs in case of a sharp decrease in immunity, for example. It is carried out with chicken pox, erysipelas, eczema, herpes simplex, with neuritis of somatic nerves, meningoradiculitis.

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Most often, herpes affects the chest dermatomes. Herpetic ganglioneuritis gives many complications. encephalitis, retinal necrosis, neuralgia. Diagnosis is carried out on the basis of the patient's complaints, against the background of the clinical picture, by gabapentin pills of laboratory research.

Efficiency gives only complex therapy. Depending on the location of the lesion, the frequency of gabapentin, rashes and other complications, ganglionic blockers, herpetic vaccines, novocaine blockades, means to maintain a normal water-salt balance, various antiviral drugs are prescribed, pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy is carried out.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are shown.

Treatment should begin as early as possible, and at the first rash, dermatological agents, antibiotics, antiseptic ointments should be used. It is good to apply compresses with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect to the places affected by the dermatitis.

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In the acute phase, corticosteroids are prescribed, especially for lesions of the ears and eyes. The duration of treatment depends on timely access to a neurologist, correct diagnosis, and the quality of the prescribed therapy. The main thing in prevention is the timely treatment of neurontin and inflammatory diseases, strengthening the immune system, and strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations. Giving up bad habits and playing sports is the best way to improve your health.

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In modernVirostatics (Brivudin, Famciclovir) have been developed for the effective treatment of herpetic ganglioneuritis in local medicine. In order to speed up the diagnosis and correct understanding of the disease, experts adhere to a simple and understandable classification of ganglionitis. According to the localization of clinical manifestations.

The form of the disease without skin rash is characterized only by manifestations of the prodromal period. The diagnosis is made after virological studies. Lesions of the ganglia with herpes, depending on the localization.
In nature, 8 types of herpes are known, the first 6 are neuropathogenic for humans and their health. Common symptoms of herpetic ganglioneuritis.
Due to the defeat of herpes nerve nodes, a serious malfunction of the internal organs can occur. Therefore, this disease is very serious.
Accompanied by pain, in places of the affected ganglion, the skin changes color. This virus is the most common, it can also affect the central nervous system, causing a lot of diseases.